PPL - Falling off the wagon

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This is part of the Peer Pressure Learning 30 series. Jump to my introduction to the experiment if you haven’t been following along.

Wow, this week has been a PPL catastrophe for me. The following are all lame excuses, but I’ll give them anyways.

The weekend definitely kicked my butt. The ladies have all been sick, so a number of late night compounded into me not getting up early and having zero energy to blog at 11pm. So there went Sunday and Monday.

Yesterday got really interesting. After doing a spontaneous 10 mile ride in the morning on the way to work (the most I’ve done before is 5-6 miles), I played soccer for 90 minutes in the evening. While I was about done, I realized that I have a VPS server that will expire within a day or two that needs migrated to a server run by a friend who took over all my hosting clients. AHH!!! These sites are so old that I doubt they (or I) have the best backups around. So into panic mode I went attempting to extend my server service and get sites moved. Not good.

On the bright side, Peer Pressure Exercise and Geek Fitness are looking great. I’ve biked to work for three straight weeks and am beginning to get some longer rides in. Gotta look on the bright side, right? GRIN.

So…I’m hoping to get back into it at lunch today, keeping the bleeding to just three days. If all goes well with the server move, perhaps I can get back on track before the Indy.rb meetup next week. If not, I think the heckling might be more than I can bear!

End of sob story…back to the code!

Published July 07, 2010

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