One domain moved...24 to go

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Yea, so I completely procrastinated on getting a bunch of domains off a server that I had setup with annual billing. Moving domains from one server to the next is one of the worst ways I can think of to spend time. I’d probably rather have a root canal.

Due to the hosts billing setup, I can’t go month-to-month. While that creates an awful headache as I have to move every site off NOW…it’s best in the long-run.

A friend of mine is taking over all my consulting clients so I will no longer be in the hosting business, nor responsible for clients sites if they go down. I still have a couple web-based services that I’ll continue to support for a while.

One or two will get shut down pretty quickly (Am I Down has already been open-sourced, and the Twitter Filter is next). ShipperTools is a bit harder to drop as it’s profitable. I suppose that the maintenance time on it is next to nothing, so I’ll keep it going for a while.

This site was the first one to shift over. Wish me luck!

Published July 07, 2010

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