30 technologies in 30 days

I’m feeling inspired by the recent Smashing Magazine tribute to _Why and a tweet from Ray Hightower about another developer who blogged about his month of new technology. I want to challenge myself to do the same. It’s time to get back to creative exploration. The last 3 months have seen almost every spare moment at home given to wrapping up open projects from the consulting business I closed down early this year so I could focus on my new job. It’s been a tough road, making sure that my leftover client work didn’t intrude on the workday. I have 4 projects about 95% complete and a small site that’s 60% done. It looks likely that I can wrap them all up, Lord willing, by the middle of June. In that time, I will also give away what’s left of my hosting clients and may be done managing servers! That will finally leave time for fun and exploratory coding as well as putting in extra time at work now that we are hitting crunch time. I’m SO looking forward to no longer being pulled in a dozen directions. Unlike my previous mode of building new web apps that could become subscription services, I’m planning to release all my stuff on GitHub (I just open sourced the code to Am I Down and will probably release my filtering Twitter Proxy this week). The practice and fun of creation are what i want most. The idea of adding a new business that im responsible for sounds awful. The next few months will be great!

Published May 16, 2010

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