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I’ve had the pleasure of spending the last several months working with a terrific client on a Rails project. They quickly showed themselves to be an ideal client, standing at the intersection of work that I relish and people I enjoy collaborating with. I find myself jumping out of bed each morning, itching to head in to their office and get started on the day.

I’m going all in

I’m pleased to announce that I have accepted a permanent position with their team. During a trip to their home office last week, the owners asked me to consider putting my consulting business aside to partner in their audacious vision. They really got my attention by asking (even insisting) that in addition to my web coding skills, I offer my business knowledge earned across the last dozen years starting new companies and helping others run theirs.

They had my number

By offering an opportunity to shape both the technology and strategic direction, they had me. My entrepreneurial drive won’t have to die in the transition; if anything, it will get more exercise than ever.

I find this transition especially thrilling because I’m joining a team who prides itself on being the best, doing the best, and giving their customers the best. The president recently told me that, “we are relentless in our pursuit of quality and perfection.” Having been around a while, I feel the truth in that.

The company is already kicking tail and taking names. Making the leap from independent contractor feels a bit like being asked to move up from the Colts special teams and join the Payton Manning offense. I’m excited at the challenge to further step up my game and make a bigger impact.

Sharp, pointy rocks at the bottom?

Bring it on! (Kuzco, The Emperor’s New Groove)

I can sense that the roller coaster just reached the top of the first hill. It’s time for an awesome ride. I’m throwing my hands up and screaming like a banshee the whole way!

Published February 05, 2010

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