Coldfusion 8 displays code and won't execute

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So after our Plesk 8 server crashed, Coldfusion didn’t come back up as expected. Our code wouldn’t execute and simply dumped the raw code to the browser. Displaying the code wasn’t what I had in mind.

After hours fighting with the crazy monster (and having to piece together instructions from countless online sources), I thought I’d pull it all together in one place. I hope you find this to be helpful!

For us, this applied to:

  • Plesk 8.4 for Linux (CentOS)
  • Coldfusion 8 Update 1

Error messages (or potential Google search bait) included:

  • There was an error while running the connector wizard
  • Connector installation was not successful
  • This web server is already configured for Jrun
  • ColdFusion 8 not started, will retry connector
  • Configuring the web server connector (Launched on the first run of the ColdFusion 8 start script)”
  • mod_jrun20.so
  • wsconfig.log
  • 0xb7e6d280
  • ** glibc detected ** free(): invalid pointer: 0xb7e6d280 ***
  • glibc detected
  • Error occurred during initialization of VM
  • Could not reserve enough space for object heap
  • From wsconfig.log:02/18 21:53:44 error This web server is already configured for JRun.
    jrunx.connectorinstaller.ConnectorInstallerException: This web server is already configured for JRun. at
    jrunx.connectorinstaller.ApacheInstaller.installConnector(ApacheInstaller.java:186) at
    jrunx.connectorinstaller.ConnectorInstaller.installConnector(ConnectorInstaller.java:338) at
    jrunx.connectorinstaller.ConnectorInstaller.doIt(ConnectorInstaller.java:272) at

Steps to correct the problem:

(The items after the # are console commands, I ran these all as “root”.)

Add Apache configuration and development compilation tools

# yum install httpd-devel

Correct paths in /opt/coldfusion/bin/connectors/apache_connector.sh

# cd /opt/coldfusion/bin/connectors
# vi .apache_connector.sh../../runtime/bin/wsconfig \
      -server coldfusion \
      -ws apache \
      -dir /etc/httpd/conf \
      -bin /usr/sbin/httpd \
      -script /usr/sbin/apachectl \

Add -apxs to set connector to do full recompile

# cd /opt/coldfusion/bin/connectors
# vi .apache_connector.sh../../runtime/bin/wsconfig \
      -server coldfusion \
      -ws apache \
      -dir /etc/httpd/conf \
      -bin /usr/sbin/httpd \
      -script /usr/sbin/apachectl \

Kept getting “This web server is already configured for Jrun”, so had todestroy old compiled apache connector (which must have referenced the old config)

# mv /opt/coldfusion/runtime/lib/wsconfig \

Run the apache_connector again, should see “CentOS release 4.5 (final)” several times with “Server version: Apache/2.0.52” and then a bunch of/bin/sh compile commands roll past

# cd /opt/coldfusion/bin/connectors
# ./apache_connector.sh

Will end with “The Apache connector was installed to /etc/httpd/conf”

Move the connectors script file so that it’s not trying to up (have to stopthe services to make this work) from theAdobe KB

# /etc/init.d/coldfusion_8 stop
# cd /opt/coldfusion/bin
# mv cf-connectors.sh cf-connectors-run.sh

Ahh, problem solved.

I hope this helped you out of a jam. I certainly appreciated all the people who took time to post the pieces and parts of the solution I had to pull together. Without their help, I don’t know how I would have gotten things sorted.

Published March 12, 2009

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