RubyGems error: marshal data too short

**UPDATE (7:21pm):

**So…I find out that RVM symlinks into .gem/, so deleting completely may have been a bad idea. But…I was able to do “rvm reload” and “rvm update –head” that seem to have restored the symlinks I broke in the process. Life is good again.

While trying to install the latest Rails3 beta, I was beating my head against the following error:

ERROR: While executing gem ... (ArgumentError) marshal data too short

I’m running RVM and despite attempts to run “gem install rails –pre” on various ruby versions, every time I got the some error.

After bruising my head against nearby objects for a while, I found a small reference on a blog about gems in ~/.gem. After wiping them out, everything worked great! In the process, I blew away /usr/local/ copies of the gems as well (so your mileage may vary).